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We Are Experts in Interior and Exterior Home and Commercial Renovations, Including Flooring, Bathroom & kitchen Remodeling. Interior and Exterior Painting, Driveways, High Impact Windows, and More!
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We work with highly qualified professionals. We are certified contractors. We process permits from the authorities of the city, meeting all the requirements of the law. fair budgets, No Surprises!
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The bathroom is one of the spaces that requires most updating in a property. With our experience we walk you through all the process; helping you with design, decor and materials; everything you need to obtain the desired final look. We insure an optimal plumbing and electical function working with updated and professionals codes duly insured and state licences.








Blinds & Shades

We have alliances with the best curtain factories. We offer a large selection of solutions and products: roller shades, plantation shutters, drapes, blackout, and all options can be manual or motorized controlled from your cell phone. We install residential and commercial, indoors, outdoors and patios.









We design, provide and install closets and WIC. We have the best quality in personalized closets systems in different materials and colors, lighted or automated. Everything you need for comfort and function.









We install every type of floor and sizes according to our client's needs. Our specialesed personnel will asses you and guarantee quality and durability using the adequate materials in accordance with the codes in every zone and/or comdominium.








Glass Panels

We offer Residential and Commercial services. We offer solutions to every need working every type of glass, manufacturing and providing Storefronts, Windows, Shower Enclosures, Tub Enclosures, Mirrors, Tempered Glass, Custom, Glass, Laminated Glass, Office Interiors, Table Tops and many more. We are ready to attend your home or bussines needs committed to quality and client's satisfaction.








Impact Doors and Windows

We replace old windows with new high impact windows. We work with impact resistant doors and windows following the most strict industry standards. We offer variety in designs and formats of the best quality. All the products we install are under the most rigorous Florida construction standards guaranteeing durability and safety. We offer residential, commercial and building services.









We have experienced local and Italian designers capable not only to do the remodel but to custom make it complying with our client's expectations. Following through all the stages, from the initial idea to the complete installation and finishes including all the electrical and plumbing needed to install new technology appliances and lighthing.








Pavers, Asphalt and Concrete

We do installation, construction, repairs and improvements in concrete, asphalt and stepping stones. We cover all type of commercial and residential work, giving solutions to parking spaces, pools, patios, sidewalks, entrances, and borders all under the norms and regulations in force.








Soffits and lighting

We build all type of soffits and double ceilings, everything you need to illuminate and decorate your spaces. We calculate and provide all type and shapes of lighting giving your spaces a personal touch satisfying your needs producing harmony, style and efficiency in lighting.








Paint and Wall Paper

We provide the final touch to each project with paint and wall paper on all type of surfaces. Our design team provides ideas and personalized solutions for every room offering and projecting the desires and expectations of each client with paints and/or wall paper in different colors and textures.








Architectural and Design Services

Our team of Engineers, Architects and Designers are highly qualified professionals prepared to design your new home or work in the remodeling of your present one. We calculate from the structure all the way to most minimum detail in interior/exterior decoration, home plan design, kitchen, bathroom, rooms in 2D and 3D.







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